Top quality - Made in Austria!

Banner is an Austrian company with an international reputation, which offers brand batteries, battery accessories and wheel weights of the highest quality.
Innovation, closeness to the customers and the trustworthiness of a family company are key factors in the decision of customers from all over the world to select Banner as a partner.

As a result of its closely knit sales network, Banner always has its finger on the pulse of its markets, a fact that is not only estimated by leading automotive manufacturers. As a family enterprise in the third generation, Banner guarantees continuous growth, which for customers means maximum reliability.

Banner has an excellent international reputation as a result of the highest first fitter quality in segments such as cars, boats, stackers or lifting platforms and its experience in the production of supply and emergency power systems. Not that the company is content to sit on its laurels! In fact, partners can be certain that Banner is constantly working on improvements in a systematic and customer-oriented manner.