Power Bull

Super powerful and super safe

Greater safety – better deep discharge – easier charging.

The Banner POWER BULL is the Banner quality brand flagship and as announced at the Automechanika in Frankfurt during September, its new, optimised version, the POWER BULL , represents a response to the current OEM trend towards 190mm heights. Therefore, the „2011” underlines our customer promise that the
Banner POWER BULL is THE top choice for modern cars.

For many years, the POWER BULL has proven its efficiency with full calcium technology for increased starting power, Double Top leak protection and improved backfiring safeguards. Banner is already supplying this technology to first fitters such as BMW, Skoda and VW and the new battery height is also set to bring additional, unsurpassed advantages:

Greater safety – the intercell connectors and other critical components are below the level of the electrolyte.
Improved deep discharge capacity – acid density is generally higher, which means less deep discharging during cyclical operation.
Easier charging – the surplus acid means improved power input when the battery is empty.

The massive increase in on-board power requirements in modern cars imposes ever-greater burdens on the battery. The new 190mm-high Banner POWER BULL meets the EN 50.342-1 European standard and as of now is available with capacities of 50Ah, 62Ah, 72Ah, 80Ah and 95Ah, all at the same price as comparable products with a height of only 175mm.

The new top versions of the Power Bull PROfessional offer increased performance on the basis of proven Power Bull technology and meet precisely the stipulations of leading German car producers. These power packs are designed for modern cars with very high energy requirements.

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  • Robust cyclical behaviour with E2 classification pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • Double Top for twice the leak protection and 100 per cent leak protection up to an angle of 45°
  • Absolutely maintenance-free due to modern calcium/calcium technology
  • Extensive coverage of the European and Asian vehicle fleets owing to 30 battery types from 40-110 Ah
  • V2 vibration resistance rating pursuant to EN 50342-1 due to the bonding of the plates to the battery floor and robust cell connections
  • Improved external ignition and ESD safety levels (against electrostatic discharge)
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